Ask yourself. Have you ever met anyone who was question by police about a crime who walked away saying, “Man, I just convinced that police officer that I was innocent.” In all my criminal practice I have never met anyone who could make this claim and I would wager neither have you.

Key things to consider about police interrogation.

First, consider why the police officer is interrogating you. It is because they believe a crime occurred and that you are involved. If they truly believed you were innocent why would they interrogate you? They are neither unbiased nor neutral. They have formed an opinion based on their experience, training, and various other factors. Before the first word exits their mouth they have made a determination that you are guilty or at the very least, involved. You will not change that opinion, so why try? Furthermore, even if you are innocent why give them an opportunity to twist your words? You have nothing to gain and everything to lose!

Second, police officers are trained in the art of interrogation. They are great at it. If you find yourself feeling like “man this big dumb cop is so stupid I can just talk myself out of this,” know for sure that you are being played. Most police officers are intelligent, well educated, and thoroughly trained. They can and will lie to you. Avoid any question or statement designed just to get you to start talking. Don’t start. It’s that simple. Once they get you talking, whatever information they get can be used against you.

Finally, police officers do not have the authority to make you an offer. If they say they can, they are lying. District Attorneys make offers, not police officers. All a police officer can do is tell the District Attorney that you cooperated. Out of countless negotiations and meetings with District Attorneys, never have I encountered a DA who was lenient as a result of such cooperation.

What should anyone who is questioned by the police do? It is quite simple. SILENCE!! It is your right as an American. Do not waive it. Do not just hope that you will be the one person in a million who talks their way out of the situation. You are entitled to shut up. Embrace it, shut up. The only word that should ever exit your mouth is “attorney.”

Sample question and answer.

Police Officer: Have you murdered anyone today?
Answer: attorney

Police Officer: Well, I just want to hear your side of the story.
Answer: attorney

Police Officer: Do you know if it is supposed to rain later?
Answer: attorney

It truly is that simple.