MINIVANTips to prevent getting pulled over:

  1. Pimped rides are more likely to get pulled over than mini-vans. Consider decorating your ride with soccer-family stick people and FOP stickers to attract less police attention!
  2. Make sure your tags and registration are up-to-date.
  3. Make sure your tail lights and brake lights are working. Remember to check them while waiting at the gas pump!
  4. Always use your blinker!
  5. Do not speed or swerve between lanes!
  6. Do not smoke drugs in your car!

If you do get pulled over:

  • Crack your window just enough to be able to speak with the officer.
  • If the officer orders you to roll the window down, do it.
  • Do not answer any questions the officer asks.
  • Do NOT consent to a search without a warrant! See: Dear Police, Get a Warrant! 
  • Ask, “Am I free to go?”