If the police are asking permission to search you, that means they DO NOT have the right to search you without your consent- YOU CAN SAY NO!

If an officer asks permission to search you, your vehicle, or your home, REFUSE! Tell the officer to get a warrant!

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  1. I did this once and they got a dog out and the dog “alerted”, scratching my car, they cops then told me they have the right to search my car, I set my keys on the car and told them again I do not agree to the search they told me I had no choice. At that time 5 cops searched my with the dog finding nothing as there was nothing to find.

    After they were unable to find anything the cop gave me a warning for speeding and told me to have a nice day meanwhile I had scratches on my car from the dog and the county refused to pay for the damage to my car because the dog alerted and they told me the dog would not have alerted for no reason so they were not responsible for the damages.

    Just my story on exercising my rights.


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