Did you know a privately-owned, multi-billion-dollar company, Corrections Corporation of America, benefits from incarcerating citizens, many of which are non-violent offenders?

“Executives at Corrections Corporation of America, the nation’s largest private prison company, have imagined this America. Apparently it worries them. In a 2013 annual report, the Nashville-based prison profiteers warned shareholders that these sorts of policy shifts — along with other frightening trends like “reductions in crime rates” — represent a risk to their future returns.”

Though I have been aware of this for some time, I was ecstatic to see the Nashville Scene had covered the topic in their May 2014 article titled: CCA has eight lobbyists on Capitol Hill — and yet it says it doesn’t lobby on incarceration issues. Maybe it doesn’t have to.  I encourage you to read this eye-opening article and advocate change in this unjust system.

This system has to end. The State complains about the overcrowding of the jails and prisons; the solution should not be to allow private corporations to start profiting off of a broken system. We should not incarcerate non-violent drug offenders; we should rehabilitate them, address their chemical dependency, and get them on the right track to being a healthy productive member of society.