Criminal Defense

You Need an Attorney to Fight Your Criminal Charge

If you’re facing criminal charges in Middle Tennessee, contact Lords & Cate to discuss your case.

Being charged with a crime is scary, and can leave you completely unsure of your future. All criminal charges carry jail time and having a criminal charge on your record will likely affect your ability to get a job. We specialize in criminal defense, let us evaluate your case and develop the best strategy for you.

Whether you have been charged with DUI, drug possession, embezzlement, or a violent crime, you need to hire the right criminal attorney. Hiring the right defense team right away will help you get your best possible outcome.

You need an experienced criminal defense team to defend your rights.

We are committed to providing the best criminal defense possible. Dedication to our clients is the touchstone of our practice philosophy, and we defend our clients’ rights, freedoms, and best interests both in and out of the courtroom.

As a law firm specializing in criminal defense, we understand how to defend each type of criminal case. We understand how the prosecution prepares their cases for trial, how the prosecution gathers their evidence, and how they will present their evidence in court. This is important to understand in order to develop your best possible defense.

Understand this, when you are charged with a crime, it is the State’s prosecutor’s office against you. They have all the evidence, they have the police, and they have the assets to put you in jail or prison. Right now, you are standing alone against the State. You need to start developing your defense now.

Our dedication to defense is reflected our performance and outcomes. Criminal defense is not a general practice type of law. It is a specialty. It is imperative that you retain a specialist when you are charged with a crime. Think of it like this, would you go to the family physician for open heart surgery? Of course not, you would go to a heart surgeon. That is how you should consider who you hire to defend you against criminal charges.