Drug Crimes

You Need an Attorney to Fight Your Drug Charge

If you’re facing drug charges in Middle Tennessee, contact Lords & Cate to discuss your case.

All drug crimes in Tennessee carry jail time and fines. Hiring the right attorney to represent you gives you your best chance to avoid jail time, fines, or even a conviction. Hiring an experienced defense team for dealing with drug and possession charges can only help your chances of getting your best possible outcome.

It doesn’t matter what type of drug crime charge you are facing, we can help

There are a variety of drug crimes ranging from simple possession of marijuana to interstate trafficking of narcotics. Like the variety of drug charges, the penalties vary depending on the amount and type of the illegal substance involved. A drug conviction, regardless of the severity, can result in jail time and permanently tarnish your record.

What to expect from our team

When you retain our criminal defense services, we begin an exhaustive investigation into your case. We will break down every element of the charge and investigate each element fully and completely. In this process, we are looking for errors committed by law enforcement and violations of your constitutional rights. When discovered, we use these issues to try to suppress the evidence the State has against you.

Every case has the potential to go to trial. Knowing this, our criminal defense team prepares for each case as if it were going to trial. Some well-known attorneys try to force cases to trial in order to collect larger fees from their clients. We, however, first try to negotiate a deal with the State for your best possible outcome. Being fully prepared for trial allows us to negotiate from the strongest possible position, meaning we negotiate based on our terms, not the State’s.

If you are facing drug charges in Tennessee contact the Law Office of Lords and Cate, PLLC.