Property Crimes

You Need an Attorney to Fight Your Vandalism or Theft Charges

If you’re facing criminal charges in Middle Tennessee, contact Lords & Cate to discuss your case.

Property, Embezzlement & Theft Crimes Attorneys

Whether you’re accused of stealing from the corner gas station or embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from an employer, you need an experienced team of criminal defense attorneys to handle your case. Property crimes can be complex, let us evaluate your case.

All property crimes come with a possibility of jail time. There are key issues that must be proven in each of these cases. Each case comes with a variety of questions which must be answered before you can proceed: Is there security footage? Were there witnesses present? What paper trail exists?

What to expect when you hire our team

At The Law Offices of Lords and Cate in Nashville, we work as a team. You don’t just hire an attorney, you hire a defense team. Together we will plan and prepare a course of action designed to give you the best possible chance of success.

Only by being fully prepared can we effectively represent our clients. We take this preparation very seriously. Even in negotiations with the State sometimes seemingly insignificant information can tilt the scales and turn jail time into probation.