Nashville Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

Caught up in a Sexual Offense Charge in Nashville? Call Lords And Cate, the Criminal Lawyers for sex crimes, on (615)418-9814 for a Free Consultation and Representation.

Nashville Sex Crimes Lawyers

Do you need an attorney to defend you against sex crime charges?

Sex offense charges are devastating and usually high profile. Anyone charged with this offense is viewed as guilty, in the court of public opinion, long before a jury renders a verdict or a judge drops a gavel. Lives are ruined and reputations destroyed by mere accusations. But that is just the beginning. Now you are facing serious charges in criminal court. Do not compound the damage by fighting this alone or hiring an inexperienced attorney more worried about pleading your case than preparing you for the coming fight. We know that the range of crimes is vast. At The Law Offices of Lords and Cate in Nashville, we represent people charged with a wide range of Sex based offenses:

Why you must not hesitate to hire a defense team for a Sex Crime charge filed against you? 

These charges need to be addressed and they need to be addressed now. Vast amounts of work must occur in order to prepare these cases for trial. That work needs to begin as soon as possible. Collecting texts, emails, and other communications to and from victims must occur before it is purged from computers and phones. Witnesses must be found and interviewed while memories are still fresh. Countless individual pieces of an investigation must come together before creating a coherent strategy.

No two cases are the same. You need a criminal defense team that understands your case. At our firm we work as a team. You don’t just hire a single attorney you hire the entire criminal defense office. Together we will plan and prepare a course of action designed to give you the best chance.


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