Notable Criminal Defense Cases in Nashville at Lords And Cate

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This is a catalog of some of our firms’ notable cases. No attorney can ever guarantee a result, and if one ever does, RUN. However our firm takes pride in our hard work, planning, and understanding of the law, along with the success those qualities bring to each and every case. These result are not guaranteed for any case as every case is unique and every strategy specific to the facts presented. The only guarantee is that the hard work and dedication we put into these successes is the same hard work and dedication we will put to work for you.

K. R. July, 2014 (Post Conviction)

Charges: Felony Possession of Cocaine, DUI 2nd with Child Present in the Vehicle, Reckless Endangerment

Offer: Defendant was already serving a 6 year sentence for a plea in this case.

Strategy: We dug through every record relating to the K. R.’s original plea, which he entered with a different attorney. Eventually we came across a technical error in the K. R.’s record. Accordingly this made the K. R.’s sentence illegal and we had the plea set aside.

Outcome: K. R. was released on 4 years probation.

B. H. January, 2015

Charge: Attempted 1st Degree murder

Original Offer: 8 years in jail

Strategy: Through an exhaustive investigation into the “victim’s” history, we established a pattern of violence by the “victim” towards B. H. We used this to show that B. H. has consistently been assaulted by the “victim.” Ultimately this showed that B. H.’s actions were the culmination of the abuses by the “victim” and gave rise to an extremely strong defense of justification.

Outcome: 3 year sentence, serve 6 months and release to probation.

J.B. April, 2015

Charge: Aggravated Assault Intentional Exposure to HIV, Domestic Assault.

Facing: Lifetime registry supervision and up to 15 years.

Strategy: during trial, the prosecutor made irreversible error resulting in the judge granting a motion for judgment of acquittal for the aggravated assault charge. Because of this, the jury was only able to consider an insignificant amount of evidence in regards to the domestic assault charge. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty in less than five minutes.


K. J. July, 2015

Charge: Aggravated Robbery and Theft of Property over $1,000 but less than $10,000

Original Offer: 18 years to serve at 85%, risked being sentenced to a mandatory 30 years at 85% by going to trial.

Strategy: K. J. was accused of robbing the “victim,” at gunpoint, in a laundry room of a local apartment complex. During the robbery, the “victim’s” car was stolen. When K. J. was arrested, he had the key to the stolen car in his pocket and the GPS from the stolen car in the backseat of the car he was driving. We were able to convince the jury that K. J. did not have a gun, shaving 3 years and 15% off of K. J.’s potential sentence.

Outcome: After a two day trial, K. J. was convicted of Simple Robbery, 15 years at 60%

D. W. August, 2015

Charge: Aggravated Assault (Strangulation)

Original Offer: 4 years, 1 of which to serve in jail, remaining 3 to be served on supervised probation.

Strategy: After a thorough investigation, we found so many inconsistencies in the “victim’s” statements we had no choice but to set the case for trial. During trial, we were able to prove that the “victim” lied about the entire incident.

Outcome: After a two day trial, D. W. was found not guilty

L. H. October, 2015

Charges: Domestic Assault and Reckless Endangerment

Offer: 11/29 probation after serving 90 days in jail

Strategy: By taking advantage of our extensive preliminary hearing in association with other statements given by the “victim,” we were able to show the jury that the physical evidence did not match any of the “victim’s” statements. If you can’t trust the State’s witness you cannot convict our client.

Outcome at Trial: Not guilty, remaining count reduced to C misdemeanor 30 day suspended sentence (no Jail time, no probation).

C. M. November, 2015

Charge: Possession of Cocaine with the Intent to Manufacture/Sell/Deliver

Original offer: 3 years in jail

Strategy: In this case we set out to show the State two things; they could not show any intention to sell and there was no evidence connecting the cocaine directly to C. M. After C. M. submitted to voluntary drug testing while the case was pending and we showed that there was no reason to believe that C. M. was using or selling drugs, we were able to convince the State to retire the case against C. M.

Outcome: Three days before trial the State agreed to retire the case.

K. M. January, 2016

Charge: Attempted 1st Degree Murder, Especially Aggravated Robbery, Possession of a Weapon During the Commission of a Dangerous Felony

Original Offer: 25 years to serve at 100%

Strategy: After hiring an investigator and conducting an exhaustive review of the discovery provided by the State, as well and interviewing dozens of witnesses, we were able to bring into question the “victim’s” claims. In the “victim’s” medical records, we were able to discover that the “victim” told at least three different versions of the event. When it became clear, to the state, that the “victim” was not telling the whole story, we were able to reduce the attempted murder to an aggravated assault and have the remaining charges dismissed.

Outcome: K. M. Plead guilty to Aggravated Assault, 6 years at 30%

D. W. May, 2016

Charges: Especially aggravated burglary, Aggravated assault x 3, Employing a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony

Facing: up to 30 years in prison.

Strategy: This case prep was driven heavily by social media. The alleged victim was a very interesting character. He was a local rapper, gun dealer, electronics dealer, and from the evidence, drug dealer. In what appeared to be an attempt to bolster his street cred, he made many statements on Facebook, and the news sources reporting on the incident. The statements did not match up and each time he discussed the night in question, the story became more fantastic. By compiling all his statements and presenting them to the prosecutor, we were able to reach an agreement.

Outcome: Facilitation of an aggravated burglary: 7 years at 30%, 30 days to turn self in, all remaining counts dismissed.

H. B. May, 2016

Charges: Attempted Criminal Homicide; Aggravated Burglary. Later the indictment was superceded to the following charges: Aggravated assault x 2; Aggravated burglary; Possession of a weapon during the commission of a dangerous felony.

Facing: up to 15 years.

Strategy: at the preliminary hearing, we encouraged the alleged victims to give as many details about the incident as possible. We were able to use these statements, along with the statements they made to the police, to highlight the inconsistencies in their stories. There were so many inconsistencies, and what appeared to be outright lies, the jury did not believe their stories.

Outcome: Guilty of assault, and facilitation of an aggravated burglary: 2 years of probation and not guilty on all the remaining counts.

D. B. June, 2016

Charge: Aggravated Assault

Original offer: plead guilty to the felony of aggravated assault for 4 years with a sentencing hearing (the judge decides how the sentence will be served; i.e. in jail, on probation, or a combination of the two)

Strategy: This fight started at the preliminary hearing where we allowed and encouraged the alleged victim to talk as much as she wanted. She was more than ready to embellish her story, which she did. When we received the discovery, we used the statements she made to the police, the doctors, and the judge during the preliminary hearing to show that she was lying.

Outcome after a jury trial: Not Guilty

H. P. July, 2016

Charges: Conspiracy to sell/deliver over 300 grams of marijuana.

Facing: up to 60 years.

Strategy: after reviewing the search warrants, wiretap applications, and immigration records, we were able to prove that H. P. was not associated with any member of the alleged conspiracy and H. P. was not in the country until months after the alleged conspiracy began.

Outcome: case dismissed prior to preliminary hearing.

C. B. August, 2016

Charge: Attempted Especially Aggravated Robbery, Attempted Aggravated Robbery.

Original Offer: 30 years.

Strategy: Highlight the credibility issues of the state’s key witnesses. They were not telling the truth and we made sure the jury knew it. This case contained a recorded confession by C. B., two photo identifications of C. B., and incriminating text messages sent by C. B. This case came down to who the jury believed. By highlighting the inconsistencies of the state’s witnesses we were able to establish not only reasonable doubt, but absolute doubt.


R. F. August, 2016

Charges: Domestic aggravated assault strangulation.

Facing: up to 15 years.

Strategy: after an exhaustive investigation into the events of the night in question, we were able to determine that the alleged victim was under the influence of both alcohol and illicit drugs. When the police were called to the scene, two cell phones were taken into evidence and we had both analyzed by a digital forensics firm. There were audio and video recordings of portions of the incident on the phones as well as text messages that the alleged victim tried to delete. Those text messages and recordings called the entire story the alleged victim gave to the police into question. With this new evidence, we were able to reach an agreement with the state.

Outcome: 1 year supervised probation, to be expunged following probationary period.

B. M. October, 2016

Charges: Aggravated burglary; Aggravated robbery; Possession with intent to sell or distribute a schedule III controlled substance; Possession or casual exchange of a controlled substance third offense or more.

Facing: up to 30 years.

Strategy: this case involved three different indictments, meaning that if the cases were to go to trial, they would have to be tried separately. After filing every motion we possibly could (7), challenging the constitutionality of every aspect of each investigation, we were able to convince the prosecutor that three separate trials was not as appealing as a plea.

Outcome: Negotiated plea for facilitation of aggravated burglary 6 years probation.

S. H.  October, 2016

Charge: Aggravated Child Abuse x2, Aggravated Child Neglect x2

Facing: 30+ years in custody.

Details: Due to the nature of this case and our desire to maintain some anonymity for our clients, we are unable to discuss the details of this particular representation.

Outcome: Misdemeanor expungeable probation on non- domestic assault.

S. F. November, 2016

Charges: Domestic Assault.

Offer: 11 months 29 days supervised probation and a permanent criminal record.

Strategy: this case was a winner from the beginning. The hardest part was convincing the state to look at the evidence objectively. Once we were able to sit down with the prosecutor and explain how S. F. actions were within the legal rights of a property owner, we were able to reach an agreement. S. F. decided that the risk of going to trial (though we did explain that risk was minimal) was too great and accepted the agreement.

Outcome: Negotiated plea: offensive contact, 6 months and 1 day unsupervised probation. Charges to be expunged following probationary period.