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Bonding Out of Jail Ain't Free

Bond, the Ultimate Discrimination Against the Poor

When a defendant is arrested, they can give the court money in order to remain free while waiting for their case to get through the court system. This is called bond or bail money. The obvious discrimination is that a defendant with money can get out of jail while their case is handled, and a […]

Tell CCA You are not a paycheck!

More Prisoners Means Bigger Paychecks for Privately Owned Prisons

Did you know a privately-owned, multi-billion-dollar company, Corrections Corporation of America, benefits from incarcerating citizens, many of which are non-violent offenders? “Executives at Corrections Corporation of America, the nation’s largest private prison company, have imagined this America. Apparently it worries them. In a 2013 annual report, the Nashville-based prison profiteers warned shareholders that these sorts […]

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